Tips for Bridesmaids to Organize a smooth Hen Party

Congratulations! One of your best friend is getting married and she chose you to be her bridesmaid, great! One of your biggest task is to organize the bachelorette party. No idea how to manage it? No worries, at Barcelona Hen Weekend we are here to help you. Here are our event planner tips:

Hands of a woman planning a hen do. Tea and sweets to organise a bachelorette party, planning is the key

1.Agree on the type of hen party according to the bride-to-be tastes.

The first question to ask yourself is: what kind of party does our beloved friend wants to have to celebrate her last night of freedom?

Does she want a destination hen party? City breaks in England? Abroad? Beach? Countryside? Or does she simply want a nice night out in town with her girlfriends followed by a brunch? Remember: since she got engaged, she is the queen, try to make her wish come true.

Does she like surprises or she likes to know everything that is going to happen to her?

Does she want a relaxing hen party with spa, yoga classes or more a crazy partying with clubs and loads, loads of cocktails? Just so you know, Barcelona has it all ;)


2.Budget is so important.

The unpleasant aspect of being a bridesmaid is the money, because being a bridesmaid costs you a lot and that includes the bachelorette party. Remember everyone in the bride’s squad doesn’t have the same budget to allocate to the party. It is very important from the very beginning to agree on a maximum spent per person and to STICK TO IT. Always think that there will be extra expenses as drinks or an afternoon going shopping. And of course, it is expected from the whole team to pay for the share of the bride to be.


3.The Guest List

Again, think about the bride: who does she really want to have around her for her hen party? This, you can ask directly to her, no need to try to guess. You need to know how much you want her family to get involved, so the first question to ask would be: do you want your mum with us or not? Should we invite your cousin we-don’t-even-know-her-name? Your colleagues? Or do you just want it to be us? A few close friends extra?

4.Pick the date

Once you know who is joining the party, settle the date where EVERYONE is sure to be able to make it, bride included. You need to plan it in advance as some of you might have to ask for days off, especially if it is a destination bachelorette party or some work on the weekends. As hen parties planner, in Barcelona Hen Weekend we can tell you this is essential: late minute cancellations are not possible, with any event planner. Cancellation costs money. Also note that adding extra people last minute who finally decided to join is more doable but not always, especially with the accommodation.

For destination parties, book your tickets after you all agreed and start looking for accommodation in order to get the cheapest price possible. In Barcelona, we know accommodations’ prices vary a lot depending on dates and availability: make sure you book it well in advance otherwise it might get fully booked or super expensive.


5.Create a specific email address

As you will see during the process, the girls will always ask you some questions, trying to get you change stuff, even dates. When you will start looking into the activities, it is much easier if everyone can have access to the information so you don’t have to repeat yourself all of the time. But please: allow only one of you to write and answer emails or you will become the quite annoying group for planners or vendors.

6.To strip or not to strip?

Is the hen craving for a hot dude stripping in front of her? If so, then it’s definitely a YES. Try to remember if she ever talked about this to you and if not, simply ask but usually, if she doesn’t want it, she would have let you know from the beginning as it is a classic bachelorette party.

About the stripper, here comes also the question of the mum – if she is there – will she be comfortable watching a half-naked guy dancing sexy in front of her daughter? She might totally be, we have seen some mums and aunts who were actually even more excited than their daughters and were flirting with the stripper.



There are tons of outfits possible for a hen party but does the hen want to wear a fancy dress or she would rather a classy outfit with a discreet accessory like flowers or that you all dress in the same color? Check our Pinterest board for more inspiration


8.Instagram Hashtags

Our finale tip, which we saw a couple of groups doing and is actually very helpful is creating a Instagram hashtag for the occasion. Usually, be honest girls, you’ll post many many pictures on Instagram and social media, which is great. But it might get hard to find or see them all. If you create a hashtag like #EmmaHenDoBarcelona and enter it in the searching tab, all of the group will be able to see all the pictures. How great is that?


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