Barcelona Hen Weekend Survival Kit

Barcelona beaches from the Colombus statue, at the end of la Rambla. Great view with all Barcelona's seaside

We're all about details here at Barcelona Hen Weekends. We believe that if you take care of all the little things everything else during your Hen Weekend just falls into place. Knowing the key ingredients for a top hen weekend in Barcelona takes time and experience and we've had our fair share of both. Therefore we thought it was time we shared our 'Barcelona Hen Do Survival Kit' with you. Our hen survival kit is designed to ensure that you leave nothing to chance, are ready for every eventuality so you can just concentrate on having a fantastic time.

First rule of thumb- LOOK FABULOUS. Well this one is a given, but effective planning is essential to make sure you look and feel fantastic for every outing, activity and party. So make sure you bring the right clothes for any activities you've arranged. There's really nothing worse than arriving at a salsa class or an action packed afternoon and realising you've only packed your favourite pair of seriously pretty, yet also seriously painful killer heels.

Gorgeous summer dresses are a Barcelona hen's best friend as they take up little suitcase space and make you look a million dollars teamed together with your favourite shades. They can be dressed down in the day with sandals and revved up in the evening with a pair of heels. They are the ultimate all round Barcelona hen pleaser.

Other SUITCASE ESSENTIALS are sun lotions, vitamins to keep you in tip top condition (Berocca's are a life saver after a heavy night), needle and thread, safety pins, plasters, party feet, ballet pumps for that early morning walk home, and of course euros. Trust us, these simple items can make the difference between little hiccups along the way turning happy hens into unhappy hens and keeping those frowns turned upside down.

Another TOP TIP is to ask your organiser to make little cards, for each group member, with the address of your hotel or apartment on. Even though you may not plan to split up, it can happen very easily so having this tucked into your purse will make sure you always find your way home.

Another slice of pre-planned genius is to make sure a few members of your party have the personalised ITINERARY that Barcelona Hen Weekend send you beforehand. Not only does this avoid heaping all the stress on one person (or yourself) but this also ensures no information gets lost and helps the group stay more organised.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS can easily be forgotten if you've not asked the organiser to arrange this. So make sure you know how to get from the airport to your accommodation to avoid any confusion upon arrival. Start as you mean to go on, swiftly and effortlessly gliding through your stress-free weekend. Another way to avoid any stumbling blocks along the way is to organise a 'party kitty' for drinks on your nights out. This will prevent people queuing at the bar all night and complicated maths at the end of the evening.

An oldie but a goodie; take good care of your valuables. It's so easy to get carried away with the fun of a girls weekend, but a lost wallet, phone or passport can put a serious downer on proceedings. So make sure you don't take your valuables out with you and use safety deposit boxes.

THINK AHEAD. If there are some members of your group that don't know each other think of one or two ice-breaker games so that people can get to know each other and feel comfortable as a group. Also try not to cram too much into your trip so there leaves no time for people to relax and have a little time to do what they want to do. A bit of research before hand of interesting museums, shops and things to see works well so people can head off for a couple of hours and do a little of what they choose.

It's also a good idea to check out if there are any local festivals or events going on. You may find something really unique and possibly free to do when you're out here in Barcelona, that you wouldn't be able to experience anywhere else.

We hope these little hen-do handy hints come in useful for your girly get-away and we look forward to seeing you partying it up in Barcelona really soon.