Flamenco in Barcelona

You didn’t see Spain if you didn’t see Flamenco. But not that Flamenco danced for tourists! You should see real Flamenco in Barcelona which is danced in basements and small stuffy rooms. Natives know such places, so do we. But first, let’s have a short but interesting walk around del Raval.

Del Raval is a district of contrasts, especially now when the local government began to renew it. Most tourist guides say it is a dangerous place but it is really worth seeing because it is the only place you can see the contrast of times and intertwining of ages. Mixture of wooden houses, ancient ruins and modern buildings – this is del Raval.

You can find all you want in Raval: theatres, art galleries, shops, second hands, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, woman of easy virtue, and real Flamenco.

We will tell you the history of del Raval, show its most beautiful places, and see most beautiful views, and then we go down to the basement to see and maybe dance that Flamenco the natives adore.